Apollo Cradle

Apollo Cradle is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient, every mother, every baby and every child. The Apollo Group’s legacy amassed over 34 years of clinical excellence runs through everything at Apollo Cradle.

Apollo Cradle attracts the crème de la crème of consultants. The surgical and nursing teams are among the most experienced in the country. The hospital’s staffing levels are higher than anywhere else and the experience and capability of the specialist nursing teams are second to none.

The culture of safety runs soul-deep in Apollo Cradle. It’s why your loved ones and you are always, in safe hands.

OneApollo at Apollo Cradle


  • Member enrollment at Apollo Cradle is automatic on transactions above Rs. 500
  • There are no forms to be filled or special requests to be made
  • Just provide your mobile number during billing and start availing membership benefits from your next visit to any Apollo Health Center


  • Currently, members cannot earn Health Credits on transactions at Apollo Cradle
  • This includes diagnostics transactions inside Cradle premises


  • Redeem your OneApollo Health Credits at Apollo Cradle as mode of payment
  • Each Health Credit you redeem is equivalent to ₹ 1
  • Just provide your registered mobile number during billing to enable redemption

*T&C apply on enrollment, earnings, redemption and other OneApollo offerings. Please read our T&Cs here

Membership Tier & Benefits

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