Apollo Diagnostics

To expand the offering and increase its accessibility to a wider network of patients and doctors, Apollo group has launched Apollo Diagnostics, a service fully dedicated to provide diagnostics for all age groups. The diagnostic services provide Apollo’s healthcare practitioners with information about the presence, severity and cause of diseases in patients.

A team of expert pathology technologist and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, guided by Apollo’s 30-year legacy of excellence, ensure the quality and accuracy of test results. Over 3.5 million diagnostic tests are delivered every year and 95% of patients have rated Apollo Diagnostics excellent in diagnostic and patient service.

The focus is on delivering expertise that empowers doctors to make informed decisions, and patients with the truth about their health status.

OneApollo at Apollo Diagnostics


  • Member enrollment at Apollo Diagnostics is automatic on transactions above Rs. 500
  • There are no forms to be filled or special requests to be made
  • Just provide your mobile number during billing and start availing membership benefits from your next visit to any Apollo Health Center


  • Silver Members earn 1% of bill value as HC
  • Gold Members earn 1.5% of bill value as HC
  • Platinum Members earn 2% of bill value as HC


  • Redeem your OneApollo Health Credits at Apollo Diagnostics as mode of payment
  • Each Health Credit you redeem is equivalent to ₹ 1
  • Just provide your registered mobile number during billing to enable redemption

*T&C apply on enrollment, earnings, redemption and other OneApollo offerings. Please read our T&Cs here

Membership Tier & Benefits

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