Apollo Sugar

With 30 years of Apollo's healthcare innovation forming the cornerstone of its parentage, Apollo Sugar with its network of diabetes clinics stands committed to offering world-class diabetic care with a multidisciplinary approach of treating patients with a thoroughgoing holistic and customized care.

Apollo Sugar offers programs like Sugar One and Sugar 360 which cater to various needs of various diabetics while providing an easier accessibility and trustworthy care to help make India diabetes-free.

Apollo Sugar promises an unmatched clinical excellence with the teams of well experienced endocrinologists and diabetologists, and convenient & consistent care to suit all lifestyles and behaviours of their patients.

OneApollo at Apollo Sugar


  • Member enrollment at Apollo Sugar is automatic on transactions above Rs. 500
  • There are no forms to be filled or special requests to be made
  • Just provide your mobile number during billing and start availing membership benefits from your next visit to any Apollo Health Center


  • Silver Members earn 1% of bill value as HC
  • Gold Members earn 1.5% of bill value as HC
  • Platinum Members earn 2% of bill value as HC


  • Redeem your OneApollo Health Credits at Apollo Sugar as mode of payment
  • Each Health Credit you redeem is equivalent to Rs. 1
  • Just provide your registered mobile number during billing to enable redemption

*T&C apply on enrollment, earnings, redemption and other OneApollo offerings. Please read our T&Cs here

Membership Tier & Benefits

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