Apollo TeleHealth Services

Apollo TeleHealth Services (ATHS) is the largest and oldest multi-speciality telemedicine network in South Asia. By synergizing healthcare services, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), medical equipment and patient information system, Apollo Telehealth Services provide specialized solutions like Tele-consults, Tele-radiology, Tele-cardiology, Tele-Condition Management and others; thereby empowering a remotely located consumer across the globe to access Apollo's world renowned doctors.

OneApollo at Apollo TeleHealth Services


  • Member enrollment through Apollo TeleHealth Services is automatic on transactions above Rs. 500
  • There are no forms to be filled or special requests to be made
  • Just ensure to provide your mobile number during billing and start availing membership benefits from your next visit to any Apollo Health Center


  • Silver Members earn 1% of bill value as HC
  • Gold Members earn 1.5% of bill value as HC
  • Platinum Members earn 2% of bill value as HC


  • Redeem your OneApollo Health Credits for services of Apollo TeleHealth Credits as mode of payment
  • Each Health Credit you redeem is equivalent to Rs. 1
  • Just provide your registered mobile number during billing to enable redemption

*T&C apply on enrollment, earnings, redemption and other OneApollo offerings. Please read our T&Cs here

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