Free Enrollment

Easy enrollment through any Apollo Health Centers, AskApollo Mobile app or OneApollo website. Zero Enrollment Charges.

Health Credits

Earn exclusive OneApollo Health Credits every time you transact at Apollo Health Centers*. Use the Health Credits to pay your next medical expense.

Special Benefits

OneApollo program entitles you for special benefits and discounts at Apollo Health Centers.

The OneApollo Program

OneApollo program is India’s Largest Integrated Healthcare program offering a one stop solution for all medical and healthcare needs. The card-less membership program brings together diverse medical services and products offered by the Apollo Hospitals Group Business and customizes various packages to suit your daily needs.


Members of the program can also make use of exclusive OneApollo Health Credits through this program for spends on healthcare products & services of Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Pharmacy, Apollo Clinic, Apollo Cradle, Apollo Diagnostics, Apollo Spectra, Apollo Sugar, Apollo White Dental, Apollo HomeCare, Apollo TeleHealth Services and Apollo Life, spread across the country.

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