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  1. OneApollo Program is the flagship healthcare loyalty program of the Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL) in India.
  2. Subject to certain restrictions on earning and spending Health Credits at certain Apollo Health Centres as mentioned herein, OneApollo Program covers all the participating centres and stores of AHEL in India which includes Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Pharmacy, Apollo Spectra, Apollo White Dental, Apollo Sugar, Apollo Cradle, Apollo Clinics, Apollo Diagnostics, Apollo Homecare, Apollo Life and Apollo Munich Insurance.
  3. AHEL may, at its sole discretion and without any prior intimation, either add or discontinue any centres/stores from the OneApollo Program from time to time.
  1. Members will be auto-enrolled in the program once they have crossed the eligibility threshold (minimum spend). Every member will be given an option to opt out of the program upon enrollment.
  2. Once the customer has consented to being a member, the membership is valid for a lifetime and is non-transferable.
  3. Any individual who has a valid and active Indian mobile number and has transacted at any Apollo establishment is eligible to apply for membership. Presently, no enrolment fee is applicable for becoming a member of the OneApollo Program.
  4. However, minimum eligibility criteria are required to be fulfilled to become a member, as indicated in Table 2.4.1
Table 2.4.1
Apollo Business UnitEligibility Criteria
Apollo HospitalsMinimum Bill Value of Rs. 500 (excl. taxes)
Apollo Clinics
Apollo Spectra
Apollo Sugar Clinics
Apollo Cradle
Apollo Diagnostics
Apollo White Dental
Apollo HomeCare
Apollo Life
Apollo PharmacyNo Minimum Bill Value
Apollo Munich InsuranceUpon Customer consent
  1. The minimum transaction threshold is on a single bill value and is not applicable on cumulative transaction value.
  2. Existing Members of any previous AHEL loyalty programs will be automatically migrated to the OneApollo Program. The membership tier will be calculated on the basis of the Health Credits in their previous account, with reference to Table 2.4.1 and Table 5.1.1.
  3. As a pre-condition to becoming a member, a customer will be required to provide mandatory information including full name, valid & active Indian mobile number and adhere to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed for membership from time to time.
  4. The OneApollo membership will be issued solely at the discretion of the management and the final discretion on all matters relating to the membership shall rest with the group companies of AHEL.
  1. The mobile number of the members is the primary identification for earning Health Credits upon purchase.
    • Members are required to quote their registered mobile number at the participating centre during billing to earn Health Credits.
  2. The number of Health Credits earned by a member are based on the tier category which he/she falls into and the same are indicated in Table 3.2.1 below:
Table 3.2.1
FormatHealth Credit Earn Rule
Apollo Clinics1% HCs Earned (Earn 1 Health Credits/Rs.100 Spent)1.5% HCs Earned (Earn 1.5 Health Credits /Rs.100 Spent)2% HCs Earned (Earn 2 Health Credits/Rs. 100 Spent)
Apollo Diagnostics,
Apollo Sugar
Apollo White Dental
Apollo Home care
Apollo Life
Apollo Pharmacy (Stores located outside Hospital premises)Pharmaceuticals: 10% HCs Earned (Earn 10 Health Credits/Rs 100) Non-Pharmaceuticals/FMCG: 5% HCs Earned (Earn 5 Health Credits /Rs 100)
PL: 10% HCs 10 Health Credits/Rs.100PL: 15% HCs 15 Health Credits/Rs. 100PL: 20% HCs 20 Health Credits/Rs.100
Apollo HospitalsEarning of Health Credits Not Applicable
Apollo Cradle
Apollo Spectra
Apollo Pharmacy (Located within Hospital premises)
Apollo Munich
  1. All newly enrolled members will be categorised under silver category upon enrolment.
  2. Health Credits will be earned on the purchase value excluding taxes and statutory levies, except in Apollo Pharmacy retail outlets where products are billed inclusive of all taxes.
  3. The credit of Health Credits against purchases made at Apollo centres will take between 24-48 hours to reflect in the member’s account. The group companies of AHEL shall not be responsible for any delay in having the Health Credits credited into the member’s account.
  4. The Health Credits earned would be valid for 24 months from the date of credit of Health Credits. If not spent within 24 months from the date of credit of Health Credits, such Health Credits will automatically lapse and will not be re-credited in any event.
  5. The OneApollo program benefits cannot be clubbed with any other offer or discount whatsoever. The Health Credits will not, inter alia, be awarded or earned in the following cases:
    • Any transactions made in Apollo Hospitals (including Clinic, White Dental or any other Apollo branches located within Apollo Hospitals premises)
    • Policies purchased at Apollo Munich.
    • Any transactions with discounts on item value or bill value.
    • Special offers, promotions or items excluded by the management from time to time at its sole discretion.
  6. The group companies of AHEL reserve the right to refuse to award Health Credits for any breach or non-compliance of these terms and conditions or failure to pay for the purchases.
  1. The Health Credits earned by a member can be spent towards purchase of products in any of the participating stores of the AHEL Group subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  2. There is no minimum balance of Health Credits to be maintained in the Health Credits-wallet.
  3. The value of 1 Health Credit on redemption is INR 1.
  4. A customer will redeem a minimum of 1 Health Credit during any transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the Health Credits in a member’s account will be reduced to the extent of the Health Credits spent. If there is any shortfall in payment under an invoice after spending the Health Credits, the member shall pay such amounts separately.
  5. OneApollo Program and its benefits are available only to enrolled members. For spending the Health Credits in any of the participating centres/stores of the AHEL Group, a member will need to be personally present at the store and request for generation of a One Time Password (OTP) for each spending. Upon such request, an OTP will be sent to the member’s registered mobile number as available in the records and the member will be required to provide the OTP so generated for validating such spending, failing which spending of Health Credits may be refused. A member may be asked to produce a valid government ID proof for further validation at any centre.
  6. Currently OTP will be required for all transactions in Apollo Health Centres except Apollo Hospitals.
  7. The member shall be responsible for providing and updating his/her mobile number at the time of enrolment and subsequently. For validating spending through OTP process, the companies of AHEL group rely solely on the mobile number provided by the member from time to time and registered in its records, and shall not be liable for any consequences due to incorrect mobile number being provided or failure on the part of the member to forthwith update any change in his/her mobile number.
  8. One or more companies of AHEL Group may at any time and without prior notice, temporarily or permanently withdraw the OTP process for validating spending of Health Credits. In such cases, members will need to be personally present at the store and mandatorily provide their valid Government photo ID on request for validating spending, failing which spending of Health Credits can be refused.
  9. No cash refund will be entertained for purchases made by spending the Health Credits in the case of purchase returns.
  10. The companies of AHEL Group reserve the right to refuse spending of Health Credits for any breach or non-compliance of these terms and conditions or failure to pay for the purchases.
  1. All members of OneApollo program will be categorized into one of the three tiers of the programme as indicated in the Table 5.1.1 below:
Table 5.1.1
TierEligibility Criteria
  • Based on bill value for first enrolment
  • Apollo Pharmacy: No minimum value
  • All other Apollo Centres: Rs. 500 & above
  • Patients of Corporate health check/camp
  • Annual Spend: Rs. 75,000 or
  • 1000 Earned Health Credits / year
  • Been in Gold tier for 2 years or
  • 2000 Earned Health Credits / year or
  • Minimum 1 night Suite Room Use for IP or
  • Express upgrade : Rs. 10,000/- + GST
  1. All members of the OneApollo program will be entitled to certain benefits and discounts through the course of their membership as specified in Table 5.2.1 below:
Table 5.2.1
Benefits TypeBU providing the offerMember Tier wise Benefits
(Annual Benefits)
Tier Category
ComplimentaryApollo LifeGym Massage✔ x 3✔ x 6
Apollo ClinicsBP Check✔ x 4✔ x 4
AHELAutomatic Room Upgrade (if available)✔ x 1
Apollo CradleAutomatic Room Upgrade (if available, not applicable to upgrade to Suites)✔ x 1
Apollo SpectraAutomatic Room Upgrade (if available)✔ x 1
Apollo ClinicsConsultation with Apollo Family Physician✔ x 1✔ x 1
Apollo SugarCounselling with Diabetes Educator✔ x 1✔ x 1✔ x 1
Apollo DiagnosticDiabetes Screening (FBS, PPBS, HbA1c)✔ x 1
Apollo SugarRetinopathy screening for diabetic patients✔ x 1
Apollo SpectraAmbulance pickup
Apollo CradleAmbulance pickup
Apollo CradleCandle Light Dinner after Delivery
AHELDedicated RM
Apollo CradleDedicated RM
Apollo ClinicsDental Screening
Apollo White DentalDental Screening
AHELEmergency Ambulance pickup
All BUsExpress Billing
AHELFree Registration
Apollo PharmacyHome Delivery of medicine ( Bill Value> 500)
Apollo ClinicsHome Sample Collection
Apollo DiagnosticHome Sample Collection
All BUsInvitation to Events, Health Camps and Seminars
AHELOphthalmology consultation (vision testing)
AHELPhysiotherapy Consultation
Apollo PharmacyPrescription Refill Reminder
All BUsPriority Appointment
Apollo SugarSugar App
DiscountsApollo HomecareMy Family Card 250/- off 500/- off
AHELCT Scan10%15%
Apollo White DentalDental Treatments5%10%
Apollo HomecareDoctor/Physiotherapy services @Home15%20%
Apollo HomecareEquipment, devices on rent @Home5%10%15%
Apollo LifeGarden Café10%15%
AHELHealth check Package15%25%
Apollo ClinicsHealth check Package10%15%20%
Apollo SpectraHealth check Package10%15%20%
Apollo CradleHealth check Package10%15%20%
Apollo HomecareNursing services@ Home10%15%
AHELOP Diagnostic5%10%20%
Apollo ClinicsOP Diagnostic5%10%15%
Apollo SpectraOP Diagnostic5%10%15%
Apollo CradleOP Diagnostic5%10%15%
Apollo DiagnosticOP Diagnostic5%10%15%
Apollo White DentalOP Diagnostic5%10%15%
AHELOp Investigation10%20%
Apollo ClinicsPhysiotherapy5%10%15%
Apollo SpectraPhysiotherapy5%10%15%
Apollo PharmacyPL Products10%15%20%
Apollo CradlePreggo Program10%15%20%
Apollo LifeSalon Services10%20%
Apollo LifeSpa Services10%20%
Apollo SugarSugar Package5%10%
AHELX- Ray10%15%
  1. After enrolment, the member will be upgraded to gold or platinum category immediately when the member spends (invoice amount less taxes and statutory levies) falls within the threshold of gold/platinum tier categories as mentioned in Table 5.2.1.
  2. Each member will be initially categorized into the Silver tier. The member will then be upgraded basis on spends and transacted value.
  3. Each tier membership in the program is valid for a period of 12 months from the day of upgrade or downgrade.
  4. After 12 months, a member does not meet the requirements of the current tier, his/her membership will be downgraded to the next lowest tier as per the table below:
Table 5.6.1
TierMaintenance criteriaDowngrade to
Platinum2000 Health Credits earned in the past yearGold
Gold1000 Health Credits earned in the past yearSilver
SilverTransaction of Rs 500 (Rs 200 at Apollo Pharmacy only)Membership Suspended
  1. If any member who fails to meet Silver tier criteria, his/her membership will be suspended. Once a member is suspended from the program, he/she will have to make a fresh transaction meeting the minimum eligibility criterion as per
  2. AHEL group reserves the right to refuse the application of any benefit or discount if the member in question does not adhere to above terms and conditions.
  3. AHEL group is not responsible for any mishap/loss that occurs due to negligence on the part of the customer while availing discounts and benefits
  1. Under OneApollo My Family Group feature, OneApollo members can link up to a maximum of 3 other members with their own accounts to form a OneApollo Family account.
  2. To become a part of the My family account, one has to be an existing OneApollo member, and the OneApollo T&C will apply for the same.
  3. In the OneApollo Family account, there can be one Primary member and three secondary members in an account. Secondary members must be existing members under the OneApollo program.
  4. A OneApollo member can only be part of a single OneApollo My Family group.
  5. Linking of the My Family account is done by putting a request for creating the family account to our Customer Care at 1860-500-2917 or through the membership section in OneApollo website or through the OneApollo app or through an SMS to 561616161.
  6. Linking request can be taken for only 2 members at a time and one of the members has to be a primary member at all times.
  7. When a linking request is placed through customer care, an SMS will go to both the members to give a missed call to confirm their linking to the family account.
  8. In case of linking request placed through website or mobile app, a one of the two member who has not initiated the request will receive an OTP. The same OTP will have to be passed on to the member who has initiated the request to validate in the website or mobile app.
  9. Each linking request is valid for 48 hours from placing the request and the confirmation missed call should be given within this stipulated time. Else the request will expire and a fresh request will have to be placed with the Call Centre team.
  10. Once the linking is confirmed, the My Family account is formed for the members.
  11. As part of the My Family account, each member can shop using their own mobile number and Health Credits will get accumulated under Primary account.
  12. When a primary member exists the OneApollo account or decides to close the OneApollo account or family account, all members will be removed from the family account. The individual members can now link to other existing OneApollo family account or create a new family account.
  13. Once a secondary member is added to an OneApollo account, he/she will be required to be part of the family account for a minimum of 6 months. Since members are required to stay in a family account for a period of two months, primary member will not be able to close his/her OneApollo membership, or close or exit an OneApollo family account within 6 months of creating the family account
  1. E-coupons are issued for customers to redeem from time to time. They are either displayed on the member’s page or sent to the member’s registered/email address.
  2. E-coupons will be unique codes associated with each member’s mobile number, applicable only at the specified Apollo Businesses only. These coupons will be one time use only of discount value for a limited validity period only.
  3. Health Credits cannot be earned on transactions using e-coupons, discounted items or promotional offers
  4. E-coupons must be presented at the cash counter for redemption. Once verified for validity, the discount will be offered to the member as specified on the e-coupon
  5. The companies of AHEL group reserve the right to redeem any promotional offers, discounts or coupons subject to the adherence of the above terms and conditions.
  1. All account details, service details, special offers, updates and any other information and promotional communications would be sent through various modes of communication including SMS and email. By enrolling to the OneApollo program, a member consents to receive the information and communication from the Apollo Healthcare Group companies. However, the group companies of Apollo Healthcare Group shall not be responsible in any manner for any lost, delayed, incorrect, misdirected or incomplete communication.
  2. Members may opt out of communications by contacting customer care at 18605002917 or sending “APOLLO UNSUB” to 561616161.
  1. In case OneApollo Membership details are lost or misused, the companies of AHEL group shall not be responsible or liable for any misuse of such details.
  2. The members are requested to update any change in their registered mobile number, address and any other profile information from time to time on our website oneapollo.com or write to us at support@oneapollo.com or call the toll free number 1860-500-2917 to enable us to send communications to your correct contact details.
  3. By enrolling to the OneApollo program, a member consents to use and disclosure by companies of AHEL group of his/her personal and other information as provided by member at the time of enrolment and/or subsequently.
  4. The member shall be responsible for providing accurate information, including name, address and mobile number, at the time of enrolment and subsequently. The companies of AHEL Group rely solely on the information provided by the member from time to time and shall not be liable for any incorrect information or failure on the part of member to forthwith update any information or any consequences arising thereof.
  5. If a member wishes to unsubscribe from the OneApollo Program, he/she may SMS “APOLLO UNSUB” to 561616161 from their registered mobile number. After unsubscribing from the Program, a member will not be entitled to any benefits under the OneApollo Program and will not receive any future communication.
  6. The OneApollo program is the property of the AHEL group and this company will be the custodian of all information pertaining to OneApollo program including the member details.
  7. The companies of AHEL group reserve the right to withdraw any one or all of the memberships issued by them. The companies will have limited liability to the member, regardless of the cause, only to the extent of the Health Credits available in the credit of the member’s account.
  8. The companies of AHEL group reserve the right to change, cancel and modify any and all of the terms and conditions from time to time without assigning any reason or providing any intimation, including participating stores/brands, tier category and threshold values, reward structure relating to the OneApollo program or discontinuation of the program itself at any Health Credit of time. None of the group companies of Apollo Healthcare Group will be responsible, if any of the participating group company/s withdraw from the OneApollo program.
  9. In the event of a dispute between the member and the company/s of the Apollo Healthcare Group, with regard to or in relation to the OneApollo program, the decision of the company/s of AHEL group shall be deemed as final and binding.
  10. All the terms and conditions are subject to the Indian law and disputes, if any, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Courts.
  11. By enrolling to the OneApollo program, a customer consents to and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned herein or as modified or varied from time to time by the companies of the AHEL group.
  12. In case of OneApollo cards already issued, a cardholder shall be solely responsible for loss of the membership card and such loss should be intimated to any of the group companies of Apollo Healthcare Group immediately. If cards are lost or stolen or damaged, a new card will not be issued in replacement of the lost card. The mobile number will be treated as the membership number.